The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of brands in the past two months, shifting them into a new era of social media. Brands, small business and influencers have been accelerated to re-think their marketing strategies and the ways in which they communicate with their audiences on social media. To better adapt your social media content we have put together a top list of ideas and sharing, COVID19 Insights from the Facebook team to help you engage with your audiences.

Analyze the Market!

Based on the analysis by Facebook, stats indicate there has been a 27% reduction in ads with imagery showing social interactions (such as hugging or shaking hands) and a 400% increase in ads showing fitness or health activities.

Focus on adverts with less social contact

18-34 are the least impacted physically, but the most impacted socially.  However, many people are more worried about financial outcomes than health effects.

Offline shopping (except for groceries) has taken a huge hit. Initially online spend also dipped but it is now recovering across some categories.

Despite all this passive consumption, people are becoming increasingly bored, illustrated by this 918% increase in volume of posts including the word ‘bored’ on Instagram. – Facebook

– Facebook EMEA Team

The fear and increase in boredom are contributing to a shift in attitudes towards advertising.  Youtube and Movies have been a source of entertainment, up 46% over the past 2 weeks with 18-34-year-olds. It seems that this group are also turning to online retail as a source of relief.

‘Go LIVE’ to reach your consumers. 

There has been huge growth of live across Instagram and Facebook, first from consumers and celebrities, but now brands are in hot pursuit.

Source: Facebook

Brands are using content, often in partnership with celebrities, to create content that is timely and quick and easy to produce remotely. The added advantages of live are that it gives a push notification to all your followers and you can track how many people are watching in real-time.

– Facebook EMEA team

In the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 like South Africa, total messaging has increased more than 50% over the last month. Voice and video calls have more than doubled in Messenger and WhatsApp and now ZOOM conference, proving that video two-way communication on video is more desirable for consumers.

Purchases: Delayed not Cancelled

As we move towards more active consumption, consumers do not want brands to be putting profit before people, and it is clear that how brands act now could have massive repercussions for how consumers perceive them for years to come. Speaking up is important, but it is crucial that brands say the right thing.

During this COVID-19 state of altered reality, consumers are be calling on brands to help with their daily lives.

Most people are delaying, rather than cancelling. Create Content that is lockdown friendly and shareable

Before the COVID-19 pandemic brands gained trust with clients through advertising, discounts and promotions.

Stores like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Spar and Woolworths have collaborated on social media bringing their consumers more value by being transparent and active on social media. These brands are engaging consumers on fake news, pricing hikes, delivery during, health measures and variety of entertainment during COVID-19 lockdown.

By partnering with other brands, it gives more strength to smaller brands and consumers who are searching for innovative ways to get through the lockdown.

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