Techniques you can try to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

  • Publish eye-catching content and try to stand out from others. On Instagram it is really important to share great quality visuals, no matter if these are images or videos. You can also try to create your own style. Try some content designing apps and tools to easier make your posts consistent. There are many tools you can use. Most of them offer free access or ready to use templates you can use. I use i.e. Canva and StoryArt – which is the Instagram Stories editor.

  • Add captions to your posts and try story-telling strategy. Also ask questions. Sometimes people just need to be encourage in an easy and direct way to share their opinion, to interact, to answer, to take part in a discussion etc.

  • Use hashtags in your posts and try to find more specific ones, the niche ones that better describe your content and apply to it.

  • Tag other accounts and users to your posts if reasonable – it is a great way as they will be notified about it and very likely will react to it some way.

  • Use user-generated content – it works great as well, as users are usually really grateful and feeling special that you’ve decided to share their content.
  • Try portait-format, vertical images. According to researches, they outperform better, as they are simply much more visible.