11 top tips for a successful Instagram Live

1. Promote Your Instagram Live In Advance

You want to make sure your followers know when you’re going live, so they can be around to tune in. Use Instagram Stories to promote your Instagram Live broadcasts. Post on stories a day or two in advance and then an hour or so before you actually go live

2. Ask Your Audience What They Want To See Beforehand

When you’re promoting your upcoming Instagram Live in your story content, use the interactive question stickers to ask your followers what they want to hear about.  

Ask them if they have any specific questions about the topic you’re going to be focusing on. Save their responses and make sure you address them during your live.  

5. Test Your Systems Before You Start

A great Instagram Live session can be completely ruined by bad audio and visual quality, and an unreliable internet connection. 

Test everything before you go live. Your connection quality, the light in the room, and your audio. Play around until it’s just right. 

6. Go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time

Why spend twice as long doing two separate live sessions when you can broadcast the same feed to both platforms? 

Do this by setting up your phone on a tripod for the Instagram Live, and use your laptop’s webcam for Facebook Live. Then get them both going at the same time!

Same broadcast, two different platforms, twice the exposure. 

7. Have A Buffer Period Before You Share Your Content

Once you hit the Go Live button, give your audience a few minutes to join in. 

Greet people by username as they appear on your screen. After a couple of minutes, start digging into the content you’ve planned to share. 

8. Engage Your Viewers

Don’t just talk at your phone screen. Say hi to users!

Answer their questions and acknowledge their comments. Ask them questions that they can respond to. 

9. Have A Call To Action 

You’ve got a captive audience during your Instagram Live. Use it to your advantage and have a call to action for your viewers to follow. 

You can use the pinned comment for this feature. Write out a short call to action and post it as a comment in your Instagram Live, then pin it to the screen so that it stays visible for the entire live session.

10. Recap Your Main Points

This is important if you’re using Instagram Live to launch something or provide a tutorial. Near the end of your live session, summarize the points you’ve covered.  

11. Download Your Live Video When You’re Done

When you’ve tapped the End button always save the video file to your camera roll!

You can refer back to it to read viewer comments and questions (a great source of inspiration for future content) and you can use it create an IGTV video or edit it for other video content.

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