South African Women in Social Media

Lungile Zenda (left) Puleng Moloi (right)

Hello there Ladies,

We are Puleng Moloi and Lungi Zenda, former Marketing Girls who run Zeloi, a social media agency for personal brands and surgeons. Thank you for taking the time to help us! For years we worked in the entertainment and digital space with powerful females who we have admired, however over the years we struggled to give them a platform to exchange stories, celebrate, learn from each other, and get pure advice women to women. Besides our Facebook groups and small networks, we often feel like these women in social media are not validated enough, and their stories that need to be shared. South Africa has talented SMM females running the show from behind their phones.

We are grateful for your interest!

This tribute serves to celebrate all the amazing women within social media. Not just for Women’s month but for the rest of 2021. The main goal is to collect some interesting facts about females within South Africa who are working behind the scenes. As there isn’t a platform to share this kind of information – without having it grouped together with digital marketing. We really hope we can create a focused space to share your stories with everyone.


We have put together a form below that will help us gather information that will be used as part of the feature.

Please complete the form with relevant information.

Lungi or Puleng will be in contact to confirm the feature via email

The mail request for your preferred date and time to do the feature, or include Q&A deadline, we will request a headshot image of you that will accompany the Q&A or feature video post.

You will be able to view the content piece before it goes live, an email or viewing link will be shared.

We will also create social media posts to promote the feature.

I, Puleng Moloi and Lungi Zenda, my business partner who will be doing the interviews with you. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or should you want to chat with us about more information.

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