How do I get flawless photos for my social media pages?

One of the common questions I get is “Do I really need a makeup artist for a content creating and social media photoshoots?” The answer is YES! YES! And YES! Professional makeup is very important for a successful photo shoot, even if you want to achieve a natural look.

Model: Flavia Motsisi IG: Make Up: @Lungi

Makeup, not only gives you a beautiful, natural glow, it also brings out the confidence that translates in every image. Some even say that makeup and photography are synonymous! They go hand in hand. It is also important to note that makeup for photography is entirely different from everyday makeup. 


You ever wonder why you looked so great when you were putting on your makeup in the bathroom and then completely different when you get outside? That is because of the different lighting inside a room and outside. A professional makeup artist will know what type of products to use less or more of, depending on the shoot’s lighting. They also know how to manipulate makeup to work well under different types of light. Makeup application will not only accentuate your best features, but it will also minimize editing/retouching. 

There are two main features that I like to focus on when applying makeup on my clients:

  1. SKIN: I love to focus on the glowing complexion. I want my clients to look flawless but most importantly I want my clients to look like themselves.
  2. EYES: The eyes are important because they bring out the client’s personality. Whether a soft smokey eye, a neutral eye, or a pop of colour, an eyeshadow look brings together the style of the shoot and the client’s personality. 

Focusing on these elements helps to bring our client’s confidence; which in turn, results in a successful shoot.

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