How to actively use social media as a full-time employee or executive

As a full-time employee or executive, it’s important to stay relevant, network, and be a thought leader. learning how you can create a profile that is on par for any HR department or future employer, you can grow awareness around your personal brand, network, and share information.

Here are some guidelines to help show up on social media effortlessly:

Here are some guidelines to help show up on social media effortlessly:

  • Focus your efforts on LinkedIn first. If you only have time for one social media platform, go with LinkedIn. But after you get a feel for things, then Twitter should be next. Think: LinkedIn is for thought leadership and Twitter is for influence.

  • Start by updating your profile. This means having a friendly headshot photo (smiling, please), background image (ask your marketing team for one), and an about/bio section written to engage other executives, not recruiters. Keep in mind the question: “What can buyers learn from you and what sets you apart?”

  • Post two to four times per week. It’s about consistency not frequency. And add a simple sentence or two with each post to let everyone know what you’re sharing or why.

  • Don’t just make it about yourself. Yes, share content about you and your company, but you’ll build more credibility and trust if you share other people’s content, too. Make sure to post industry and leadership articles that you find interesting.

  • Ask and answer questions. Don’t be shy about posting and answering questions. This is social media after all. Tap into the knowledge of your social network.

  • Add hashtags. Sprinkle in a few hashtags to make it easy for those within and beyond your connections to discover your posts. LinkedIn will even suggest hashtags as you draft your post.

  • Respond to comments. Social media isn’t a one-way street. Acknowledge, thank and (politely) respond to any comments on your posts.

  • Engage other people’s posts, too. Remember, it’s not all about you. Look for opportunities to like, share and comment on posts in your feed that you found interesting … or just to help someone amplify their message.

  • 15 minutes a day. Build social media activity into your daily routine. For example, jump on LinkedIn (and/or Twitter) with your morning coffee or as the last thing you do every day. 

  • Ask your social media team for help. They will be happy to provide guidance and even find a few industry articles every week worth sharing on social media.
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