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As we draw closer to the end of 2022 it's important to take a step back from social media to self-reflect and get out of the hamster wheel of constantly posting, watching and creating content for social media.


Content batching involves planning and creating a significant amount of content over a short period

For medical practices, finding new patients can be as simple as looking where consumers spend the most time.

As a full-time employee or executive, it’s important to stay relevant, network, and be a


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Women in Social Media

Business owner and entrepreneur, Busiswa Lutshaba       “One like, one share, one comment is not enough to measure if the

CARLI PORT  – SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Thank you for chatting with us Carli, what do you do in the social media industry?

I have over  four years of experience in Social Media, with specialties in online reputation management, content ideation and curation, research and

Meet Chanelle- Zackey Prinsloo who plays a significant role as the National Marketing Director at Ferrari South Africa. She was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, who's family is of Lebanese descent.

Deshnie Govender

Balancing your career and lifestyle on social media can be challenging when you don’t have a vision on your brand! Award winning

During the course of any given week I deal with a variety of parties from various departments within the business, as well as agency partners, including our creative agency, our media agency and our influencer agency among others. I spend a lot of time in meetings with various category teams to ensure that we are supporting each category with digital content to the best of our ability, while adhering to the strategy set out for the year, and ensuring key focus on relevant products. I brief all creative elements to the creative agency, and work very closely with the influencer and media agencies to ensure roll out of that creative.