Business owner and entrepreneur, Busiswa Lutshaba




“One like, one share, one comment is not enough to measure if the strategy is working or not. Time will tell”

I have 11 years corporate experience in customer services and started Blu Space Communications SA a virtual public relations boutique in 2015. The Idea was to create spaces for township entrepreneurs to be celebrated through custom specific events taking place in the township and get their audience to have access to them and to increase their market segments prioritizing their direct audience.


For someone who doesn’t understand what you do, what would a typical day at work look like for you?

I connect the world (chuckles) My mobile office days consist of a lot of correspondence, monitoring social media engagements on our business pages, my personal pages and that of clients. Responding to quotation inquiries and project work for clients which include, checking in with the graphics guy if they are on track. Scheduling calls for new or follow up emails, responding to WhatsApp messages and updates on our WhatsApp group as a team. Some days I have to go on site to check in with our clients depending on what we are working on with them. 


You also have a background and experience in radio, how has that influenced your career journey?

When I joined radio I was thrown in the deep end. I sent my demo to the radio station and six month later I was told to start my show in two days. No experience and no audience. It has strengthened my reasoning skills on thinking on my feet.  Of course I communicate with so much confidence and understand the dynamics of client/audience engagements and somewhat freedom of expression and building a profile.


What has been the highlight of your career?

The ability to still maintain and work through my goals through such an uncertain time is a highlight. I was featured in the last printed Bona magazine right before they announced they will no longer continue as a magazine. I grew up reading Bona magazine and both the feature and to know I was featured on the last issue is somewhat very sentimental. 


How have you integrated PR into social media?

Adapting on the right now and digital Era online presence right along with e-commerce complement online presence. I have started using social media effectively using cost effective channels to incorporate my PR. I used social media to publish my articles and share knowledge to peers with an action call. Giving the audience just enough for them to inquire on how they can benefit from what I do. I live Public Relations on a daily basis both through my physical engagements and social media. 

Why is it important to have a social media strategy?

We all have social media platforms, we all have unique branding to us but we have to be able to separate what we stand for and what we are trying to communicate to our larger audience. Social Media strategy allows one to have set goals and one can refer to the goals if they are achieved. 


 How do you develop a sustainable, ongoing social media strategy that will turn followers into customers in the long-run?

Through consistency and understanding your market segments to the core and what they desire. Quality over quantity. You can post everyday but your audience does not find your content appealing. Posts now have evolved to just being your authentic self and sharing what you know, what you don’t know, your struggles and not necessarily the glamour. Customers want to know the person behind the scenes and the journey more than the wins. 


How do you determine whether or not a strategy has been successful?

One like, one share, one comment is not enough to measure if the strategy is working or not. Time will tell. Usually the minimum measure can be from 90 days and social media platforms have their own insight reporting tools that help. 

What are some challenges that your clients face with social media strategy?

This digital Era has shown that clients are not digitally savvy and social media and following instructions can be a challenge for them. Implementing their own social media strategies is even a worse challenge. 


Everyone has had to adjust to the new norm that is covid in one way or another – how can one adapt their social media strategies to stay abreast during this Covid transition?

Outside of the business challenges we all need to cope somehow. Now businesses understand that we are all coping and are all for a common cause. Now businesses or brands/individuals can openly ask for help, share their frustrations and do an open call on collaborations. We have adapted less sugar coating in running businesses but have incorporated the behind the scenes. 


Which social media platform/s do you find work best for businesses that want to grow their online presence?

Facebook. There are business facebook groups that are effective. Anything visual on Instagram works best. And exploring other digital platforms for online magazines and email marketing. 

For someone who would like to work with you, how can they reach you?

They  can only reach out if they understand what they bring, they have a designed schedule on how they can contribute and a clear expectation on what they expect from my contribution. Social media is always best or email (


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own PR agency? 

They must start building their profile as if they have been in business for years. Get your own mobile clients or offer your expertise to an existing PR agency to build a credible profile.