Celebrating South African Women in Social Media ​

We speak to the phenomenal women behind your favourite brands on social media 

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This Women’s Month we want to tribute that serves to celebrate all the amazing women we have in the Social Media industry that work behind the scenes of your favorite brands and business in South Africa.

We understand that the best way to get inspiration is to head straight to the source. We chat to award winning women in Social Media across South Africa to share their real life story. Our mission with Zeloi Collective Women is to support women who are breaking boundaries and giving them a platform to share their story. 


Faith Dlalisa - Social Media Community Manager

Simple ways to upgrade your social media skills.

It’s important to be up to date with conversations happening on Social and being able to find tactical opportunities to stay relevant. Social Media listening, data analysis, and Community management thus play a huge part in identifying pain point areas and ensuring your audience is heard and you are giving the people what they want.

Chanelle Zackey Prinsloo - National Marketing Director

Award-Winning Marketing Director reveals her secret recipe to success

“Marketing is about perpetual motion and is constantly evolving. Social media and digital marketing became an integral part of our holistic marketing function in early 2013/2014. Since then, I have made a conscious effort to learn and understand digital marketing and how it can be used to leverage one’s business and personal brand.”

Marcia Mudzwiti | Account Manager and Paid Social Strategist

Do Social Media Unicorns exist? Paid Social Strategist, Marcia explains

“No one person should do the job of 7 people – balls will inevitably be dropped. So to all brands trying to cut corners and save costs…Stop it – because while your Unicorn is redoing the final. Finalv4 campaign creative – there are urgent messages in the DMs sitting unanswered.”

Lauren Prior - Digital Brand Manager

Lauren Prior shares her tips on what brands want from influencers and personal brands 

I’ve been in social for about 10 years now. I’ve worked with tons of brands from a wide variety of verticals, including beauty (L’Oreal, Garnier, Avon, Justine), FMCG (Pick n Pay, Energade, Remy Martin, Southern Comfort, Miller ) cars (Suzuki, Mazda, Ford, Citroen, Toyota), cellular (MTN, Cell C) and more. I’ve worked in agency, freelanced, took a year off to go and teach English in Asia, and am now a Digital Brand Manager on the corporate side. I love all things digital, love to learn and love to share knowledge as well. 

Busiswa  Lutshaba - Digital PR and Social Media Agency Owner 

The Strategist who draws on experience and education

I have 11 years corporate experience in customer services and started Blu Space Communications SA a virtual public relations boutique in 2015. The Idea was to create spaces for township entrepreneurs to be celebrated through custom specific events taking place in the township and get their audience to have access to them and to increase their market segments prioritizing their direct audience. Over time the boutique evolved to a full Public Relations boutique helping our clients better articulate their brand narrative through multiple digital portals and to bridge the gab between small to medium enterprises, the corporate, government sector and international markets.


Thabiso Sekhula

INTERVIEW: Thabiso chats to us about her unique role at TikTok South Africa as Content Operations Manager and the power of content marketing.

Deshnie Govender

Deshnie Govender

VIDEO: Digital Marketing Guru shares her tips for Crushing Your Personal Branding Goal


Carli Port

INTERVIEW: Carli Port reveals her experience as a Luxury Brand Social Media Manager

Sanelisiwe Ntabeni: Simple ways to keep up with social media and what it takes to mobilize audiences through social development initiatives
Social Media Manager - Zaza Williams chats to us about the highs and lows of being a social media manager as well as her day to day tasks within her incredible role.

Upcoming Interviews

Digital Agency Owner - Nombulelo Malinga

Coming Soon 

We chat to Digital Agency Owner – Nombulelo Malinga on her experience of running her own digital and social media agency